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Easy solutions for the health of your facility.

Our solutions specifically focus our sign industry resources and expertise into a single point of contact. The Hightech Signs team provides a comprehensive solution for the identification and wayfinding signage requirements of today’s medical, hospital, and emergency healthcare facilities; using highly durable, yet easily changeable sign systems that can grow with your facility, never becoming obsolete or requiring expensive alterations.

We can offer our clients an endless resource of interior and exterior signage knowledge, providing comprehensive solutions for your signage needs.

Our services range from planning & design to fabrication & installation. We simplify the signage process by designing, manufacturing and installing every sign type that you have on site, eliminating the need to deal with multiple vendors.

Our Process

Meet & Design

We will survey the site and provide a quote.

Meet & Design

We will tour your facility and meet with you to determine your needs and guide you through permits, city codes, planning and deployment.


We will build a custom solution.


Our warehouse is armed to the teeth with the latest equipment, materials & implements; backed by the most skilled craftsmen in the business.


We will install with minimal impact to your residents.


Our experienced team will deploy your product while you sit back and prepare for all the new attention. Our work is guaranteed to be done right!

Contact Us for a quote or for project ideas.

Contact Us

What we offer:

The most common necessities include ADA signs to assist the impaired and wayfinding solutions to help patients, staff, and visitors navigate the building. We can also add beautiful entry monuments to mark the various entry points and direct traffic, as well as LED signs that can display variable content as needed. This list is far from exhaustive, we can provide almost any custom solution developed to your needs. Please request a quote for detailed pricing and more information.

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